Transforming Topeka, One Step at a Time

Along a section of the Gage Park trails funded in part by Sunflower Foundation.Gage Park is one of our state capital’s oldest and largest public green spaces, with more than a million visitors each year. Until recently, it hasn’t had many trails to safely get people from one part to another, whether by foot, wheelchair, or bike.

But that is changing.

Coming in 2018

A two-mile trail will loop around the entire park, connecting access points to surrounding bike routes, businesses, and neighborhoods (see map below).

Thanks to public/private partnerships at several levels of government, the perimeter trail at Gage Park will join the existing 60+ miles of trails in Shawnee County. These trails and bike paths demonstrate a commitment to a healthier community, one step at a time. Research confirms:

•  Physical Health — Trails provide low-cost opportunities for residents of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to be physically active.

•  Mental Health — Time spent outdoors is linked to lower levels of anxiety, stress, and depression, as well as an increase in well-being.

•  Cognitive Function — Being physically active in nature settings can improve problem-solving abilities as well as promote sharper thinking and creativity.

•  Social Behaviors — Community green space encourages positive social interaction and a sense of belonging.

It takes many partners to create safe outdoor spaces to walk, wheel, bike, and play.

Sunflower Foundation is proud to be one of those partners, helping to make Topeka a healthier place step at a time.

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