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Foundations Continue Support for Health Reform Resource Project

Members of the Kansas Grantmakers in Health (KGIH) group have approved renewing funding for the Health Reform Resource Project, an initiative to support organizations statewide that are affected by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

KGIH members represent the six health care conversion foundations in Kansas that work together to strengthen the health of Kansans. They are: Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City, the Kansas Health Foundation, the REACH Healthcare Foundation, the Sunflower Foundation, the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund, and the Wyandotte Health Foundation. 

Sheldon Weisgrau, director of the Health Reform Resource ProjectThe Health Reform Resource Project was established to help nonprofit organizations apply for federal grants available under the ACA and ensure that the health care needs of consumers were appropriately represented in the beginning years of the implementation of the ACA. The goal of the project is to enhance access, quality and value of health services for Kansans. The project is directed by Sheldon Weisgrau, a 30-year veteran in health policy and research.

“The Affordable Care Act not only helps consumers connect to affordable health coverage, it offers many benefits to community-based health care organizations that are working to improve access and quality of health care,” said Billie Hall, Sunflower Foundation CEO and president. “This project was designed to help Kansas consumers and health providers understand and benefit from the many opportunities provided by the law. Sheldon Weisgrau’s leadership has helped us achieve that goal.”

Activities of the Health Reform Resource Project include:

  • Assisting in public education and stakeholder engagement related to health reform;
  • Providing technical assistance to advocacy organizations and other stakeholders; and
  • Assisting Kansas entities in securing grants and programs available under the ACA. 

The foundations’ resources also support a KGIH Opportunity Fund, which awards grants to nonprofit health care, health consumer and advocacy organizations to support feasibility studies and surveys, architectural plans and other items necessary to secure grants under the ACA. Grants are also awarded to organizations working to implement health reform in Kansas.

Since 2011, approximately $588,000 has been awarded to 28 applicants generating more than $22 million in federal funding for Kansas organizations working to improve health and heath care in the state.

This is the third time KGIH members have awarded funding for the project, which is administered by the Kansas Association for the Medically Underserved.

For more information on the project, contact Sheldon Weisgrau: (785) 408-8008 or

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